Master 1

For Master 1, I enrolled in the Amsterdam Dwelling Studio at the TUDelft.

The studio was divided into two parts. One involved working in groups which studied diverse master-plans for the regeneration of the northern part of Amsterdam via a large urban proposal. The other half consisted of designing a building in one of the master-plans proposed by the different groups.

Below you can read about the project and see the design itself.

Located in the northernmost plot of the bar-code masterplan, The Watchdog building houses 3 functions. These are various types of dwelling units, a bar, and offices. The dwelling units have been thought to accommodate many types of dwellers, from elders to young professionals. The building has a plaza situated between the two towers. This plaza is a space in which multiple activities can be performed.

Formally speaking, the building is held thanks to a regular grid which allows for structural and plan clarity. The use of colour in the balconies produces a facade which is varied, just as the various users and units inside. The office spaces which are arranged in a way that every office can benefit from a double height and a mezzanine, are connected through the dwelling building via a series of bridges.

Please click here to download the drawings in the layout in which the were presented.

Please click on the image below to open an A3 document which briefly explains technical matters of the building.

BT Booklet 1


Planta Baja

Planta Baja Mezanine

Planta Medio

Planta Patio

Planta Torres

Fachada Sur 200

Fachada Este 200

Vista 1

Vista 2