Re-use of the Greek theatre in Syracuse

Prof. Arch. Ruggero Tropeano

Semester 1, BAC 3, 2012

The last project of my my bachelor course in the Accademia dealt with the implementation of infrastructure in the greek theatre in Syracuse, Sicily. The project was guided by the architect Ruggero Tropeano who has been responsible of numerous restorations and constructions. Important projects he has worked on would be the reconstruction and restoration of the Bauhaus building in Dessau and the Villa Tugendhat by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Every year between May and June, the Greek theatre recovers it’s antique theatrical function and houses classical shows. The project provides a solution to minimal infrastructures that respond to the needs of visitors. These needs include a ticket office, bathrooms, souvenir shop, dining areas, dressing rooms for the personnel and other essential elements that tend to ruin the historical context but are needed for the realization of a theatrical show.

The infrastructure I fully developed consisted of a restaurant, little administrative office and nursery room for the park visitors.

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